Ami Faku’s Imali ft Blaq Diamond now out as an official radio single

Ami Faku’s Imali ft Blaq Diamond now out as an official radio single

By popular demand, Ami Faku’s Imali ft Blaq Diamond is now out as an official radio single. The Imali single which lends its name to Ami Faku’s number 1 best-selling debut album, IMALI, (4 consecutive weeks at #1 at Musica and counting), is the second highest streamed song on the album.

Apple Music features Ami Faku in their newly launched Song Stories where she shares the story behind Imali, watch here:

“We couldn’t turn a blind eye to the numbers. Imali is clearly a fan favourite. Music lovers discovered the song on the album and have been making requests to radio stations for it. We had to change our roll out strategy to give the fans what they want,” shares Raphael Benza of Vth Season.
The uptake on radio has been phenomenal. Already a Top 100 song on the Radiomonitor Chart, you can now listen to Imali on over 35 radio stations across the country such as on Metro FM, Ukhozi FM and Ikwekwezi FM just to highlight a few.

Stream or download Ami Faku’s Imali ft Blaq Diamond globally here:

Unlike her usual love songs, Eastern Cape’s South African Voice of Modern Afro Soul, Ami Faku, opens up about the difficulties of life and her past experience of not even being able to afford life’s basics and having to leave people behind that were suffering to seek financial opportunities.

The subject matter of money is undoubtedly a relatable one that has drawn much attention to this single.
“I wrote the song so that people can relate and not want to be in that position for the rest of their lives,” shares Ami Faku.

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