Bring Your Fire Zone Applications Now Open: MTN Bushfire 2020

Bring Your Fire Zone Applications Now Open: MTN Bushfire 2020

MTN Bushfire is calling for applications from artists, community-based organizations, NGOs and IGOs to activate in The Bring Your Fire Zone. This Zone is a physical manifestation of MTN Bushfire’s call to action for positive social change, #BRINGYOURFIRE.

MTN Bushfire consciously celebrates diversity and amplifies the spirit of social inclusion which pierces through our differences, weaving us all into one unified body. From this close-knit fabric comes our #BRINGYOURFIRE mandate which challenges us all to ignite social change and inspires an environmentally sustainable lifestyle through specifically curated program streams, zones, and activations throughout the festival weekend.

The Bring Your Fire Zone is an interactive and creative space located at the very heart of the main festival arena. Over the years, various partners have activated on various #BRINGYOURFIRE themes and encouraged discussions on key social issues through one-on-one interactions, educational activities and talk-shops. Focus areas in this space are:

Minority Rights & Gender Diversity
Environmental Sustainability
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Sustainable Development
Equality & Empowerment
Child Social Protection

MTN Bushfire is more than simply a music festival. As one of Africa’s largest and most inclusive festivals of music and the arts, MTN Bushfire also offers a safe space for robust conversations around real and relatable issues that affect our lives on a daily basis. Tens of thousands of people from over 60 countries gather in the festival’s unique atmosphere of tolerance and diversity to revel in the eclectic music programme and to celebrate the colour and magic in our differences under the festival mandate, #BRINGYOURFIRE.
In 2020, we honour the unique, positive and intangible energy that manifests during MTN Bushfire, best described by Festival Director Jiggs Thorne as The Juncture of Hum.
The Juncture of Hum poetically illustrates the sound of the spirit created at the confluence of people, cultures and their stories. It is a festival energy born out of the celebration of harmony in contrast, and is the ultimate gift of the MTN Bushfire experience.

MTN Bushfire is also strengthening its commitment to Environmental Sustainability through its #GREENYOURFIRE campaign. Starting from 2020, the festival will intensify the collective fight against plastic pollution by discouraging the persistent use and importation of single-use plastics in the festival’s trading spaces, camping areas, and activations.
All interested partners are invited to send an activation proposal before the 8 February 2020. Shortlisted applicants will be notified a week after the deadline and invited to a meeting to discuss their activation plans.

To get an idea of what type of activations happen in this space, please see the links below and visit our website at .