Reeboks Most Anticipated Collab : #TheSneAKA comes to life

Reeboks Most Anticipated Collab : #TheSneAKA comes to life

When hip hop mogul AKA and Reebok set out to create Supa Mega’s inaugural #TheSneAKA, the collaboration marked a first for a South African artist hooking up with Reebok’s Boston headquarters, and culminated in AKA designing his very own Reebok sneaker.

Working with the likes of top Reebok designers such as James Hardaway Alejandra Riog-Bucco, and Chris Hill, AKA spent countless hours in design to realise his artistic vision and create his own Reebok legacy.

Leading up to the official launch of #TheSneAKA, Reebok and AKA have granted fans and followers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to see what goes on behind the scenes of a partnership such as this.

In Episode 4, Chris Hill – Manager of Design, Fashion, Collaborations and Statement Footwear at Reebok – explains the intricacies that go behind the design of a sneaker with music artists. He notes that some celebrities even go so far as to request that faux fur and gold be used in the final design. Hill says that Reebok has done many collaboration designs– even down to 24ct gold shoe lace tips – and for #TheSneAKA to stand out the Reebok design team needed to think outside of the box and design a sneaker that really embodies the soul of who AKA is.

“When it came to designing #TheSneAKA, I thought the inspiration should definitely have a piece of where I come from,” explains AKA. “An integral part of sneaker design is the story behind its inspiration, and I wanted it to exude a sense of luxury while staying true to my South African roots. This is shown in the cheetah print on the inner of the sneaker. I think this also acts as a metaphor for speed and power, something I want my fans to constantly believe in and embody.”

Riog-Bucco – Reebok Designer One, Fashion and Statement Footwear – describes the lengthy process of designing a sneaker from scratch and the multiple people who are involved in the project. She alludes to the countless hours spent in the design studio before samples can be produced out of Reebok factories in Asia, as well as how the sneaker’s functionality is tested in Reebok’s internal development facility.

With only 600 pairs of #TheSneAKA being released, this limited edition product will come with an individually numbered box, signed by the man himself, together with a certificate of authenticity. #TheSneAKA will be available from 26 October 2019, with a limited number available from Reebok stores.

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