Reeboks Most Anticipated Collab : The Making Of #TheSneAKA

Reeboks Most Anticipated Collab : The Making Of #TheSneAKA

Reebok South Africa has collaborated with AKA to create a unique limited edition of sneakers that will be distributed across South Africa. Providing insight into the creation of the shoe dubbed the SneAKA, Reebok SA has released its second and third videos of a six episode series that shows the making of the shoe leading up to the launch.

In the lead up to the launch, they’re giving followers of the two brands unprecedented access into the design of #TheSneAKA.

As part of the design process, AKA spent some time with James Hardaway, Head of Product/Brand Marketing as well as Chris Hill, Manager of Design, Fashion, Collaborations and Statement footwear at Reebok Head Quarters, Boston, United States.

In the second episode James Hardaway, who says AKA is certainly writing a page in the history of the Reebok brand, shared some of the brand’s history and significant details around the Classic Leather shoe.

“It’s got to be clean, easy to wear, but still have enough pop to make it unique. I think the colour combination is going to be really important too,” says Chris Hill, as he takes AKA through dozens of sneakers from the corridors of Reebok’s history, and provides his perspective on what makes a true Classic shoe in the third episode.

PJ Morilly, Brand Director adds “There are some great South African details to the Reebok story. Joe Foster named the company “Reebok,” after learning about the word in a South African English/Afrikaans dictionary, which he had won following a running competition as boy in 1943. Many years later, the brand launched the Madiba Reebok tracksuit, and now Reebok and AKA are putting another South African mark on the brand in 2019”.

TheSneAKA is a highly exclusive limited edition product, with only 600 pairs are being produced. Each box is individually numbered and signed by AKA, comes with a certificate of authenticity. The SneAKA will be available for purchase on October 26th at A limited number will also be available for purchase in Reebok stores.

Watch episode 2:

SneAKA | The background –

SneAKA | Reebok Classics x AKA Worldwide –

Watch episode 3:

SneAKA | Reebok Classics x AKA Worldwide –

SneAKA | The brief –