#StopHumanTrafficking a success as Reebok fights crimes against women

#StopHumanTrafficking a success as Reebok fights crimes against women

Women’s Month brought renewed focus on the urgent need to address and tackle crimes against women. With this in mind, as part of its #StopHumanTrafficking campaign, Reebok made a commitment to contribute 10% of its August revenue to The Salvation Army of South Africa to address the plight of human trafficking in the country. Today Reebok South Africa honoured this commitment with a financial contribution to this worthy organisation.

PJ Morilly, Brand Director Reebok South Africa, reiterated Reebok’s stance on why the company believes it is important to back initiatives such as the ones addressed by The Salvation Army.

“With crimes against women becoming more prevalent than ever before, we see it as part our duty to support the organisations making a difference,” he explains. “By pledging our financial support as well as lending Reebok’s platforms as mouthpieces, we believe that our #StopHumanTrafficking campaign really made an impact.”

Morilly continues, “With human trafficking crimes on the increase, we have to take a stand now and create talkability around the problem and addresses it to make the South African public aware that it is taking place everywhere and every day. This will not only ensure people are more alert but hopefully decrease the alarming human trafficking statistics in our country, particularly involving women.”

Morilly’s sentiments are echoed by Major Carin Holmes, Public Relations Secretary of The Salvation Army of South Africa. Holmes explains that with the support of corporates such as Reebok South Africa, The Salvation Army is able to provide financial support in preventing, rescuing and caring for victims, as well as protecting the vulnerable.

“We are grateful to have partnered with a company such as Reebok South Africa who understands the battle we are up against and are able to use their influence to shed light on crimes that we know are a major factor in the country but are often simply ignored and not spoken about,” explains Holmes.

“This campaign provided an opportunity to help spread the message and educate. We all have the resources to do more and better; with just a tweet or a share on Facebook, we have the potential to reach so many people and save a life.”

With more crimes against women being brought into the public eye, it is only a matter of time until the statistics surrounding this form of barbarity will decrease. And although August is in the past, the topic of crimes against women should not be swept under the table but instead highlighted and focused on in order to protect the women of South Africa.

If you know someone in trouble or have valuable information to save a life, you can help by phoning the toll-free number: 08000 RESCU (73728).