Alopsyic releases ‘Gift of the Damned’ Mixtape

Alopsyic releases ‘Gift of the Damned’ Mixtape

South African Freestyle Musician, Alopsyic releases new mixtape: ‘Gift Of The Damned.’  The mixtape explains what it means to have the Gift of the Damned in music. Alopsyic explains that his relationship with music is bittersweet.

The ‘Gift of the Damned’ mixtape according to Alopsyic is when a musician can be completely and truly happy with an unwritten, unrefined and raw FIRST TAKE Freestyle of your talent and get no public recognition or praise for it.

“There are many musicians that are obsessed with sounding perfect, obsessed with the final product and completely obsessed with writing perfection. The ‘Gift of the Damned’ becomes a huge factor when you just can’t release any music because you think perfection is REFINED. I find perfection in my freestyles and that’s why I do not write or redo any of my music. I am not obsessed with sounding perfect so I record on my Huawei cellphone and upload on my Bandlab account then from there, my wife La-Tasha Craddock who is a great Public Relations Storyteller will package everything to get the story out there. Even though she is amazing at her job, I don’t need the fame. I make music for my wife.” Expresses Alopsyic

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