Top technologies don’t have to break the bank

Top technologies don’t have to break the bank

Raymond Liu, CEO HONOR South Africa, explains why it’s imperative to offer all consumers mobile devices with revolutionary features while remaining cognisant of tight economic conditions.

The evolution of the mobile device over the past two decades has transformed how we use our phones. They are now an indispensable part of our lives, both personal and professional.

These technologies are ever evolving, and there is increasing competition among handset manufacturers as to who can offer consumers the best innovations. This is evident from the constant barrage of advertising from all mobile manufacturers that highlight the greatest technological features of their latest flagship devices.

When new technologies are put into the latest devices, we often see a drastic increase in the retail cost of the device. This puts many of the more innovative technologies out of the reach of the young consumer.

Smartphone ownership is a ubiquitous element of the youth, and I am a firm believer that these young people are the key contributors and influencers of the society today. Their daily lives are more dynamic, more variant and they need a phone with good technology and fashion to decorate and record their lives in the time-line. These are the persuasive consumers who demand quality, speed, and innovative technologies to make their lives easier, and so therefore are a key target audience for mobile device manufacturers.

For the majority of the youth, most of whom are still studying, or have just started their career, money is usually tight. Yet they still want the best of the best when it comes to technology.

From technologies such as high-quality cameras with AI functionality, to innovations enabling a better experience when using social media platforms, watching videos, or playing games, the youth want a device that will support their lifestyles.

Many of us can attest to their frustrations with wanting the best right now, and it is for this reason that manufacturers should address this yearning wholeheartedly and ensure they launch products that encompass the best technologies, as well as an appealing price point.

This is the approach that we as HONOR have adopted to ensure that we offer our segment-leading products at a very affordable price, as we invest remarkable amount into the basic R&D to ensure the advancement of the technology meanwhile own the advantage of the pricing, as well as doing marketing and sales in a more cost-effective way. At HONOR we believe that everyone should have access to the technologies of tomorrow today.