Rouge is back with iconic bars on her latest single ‘W.A.G.’ ​

Rouge is back with iconic bars on her latest single ‘W.A.G.’  ​

In case you forgot who the Queen of S.A. RAP is, Rouge is here to remind you that she still occupies the throne. She is on another level and cannot be compared to anyone.

W.A.G., aka WhatsApp Group, featuring French rapper Youssoupha and the legendary rapper Sarkodie is a smash hit and the rappers are here to further reiterate that you are definitely not on their level. On W.A.G., Rouge is essentially sending a message to her competitors that “people need to remember who Rouge is” and stamps her ground to show everyone she has earned her spot as one of the most successful, award-winning women rappers in the country. She remains an incomparable force!

From the exceptional beat to the unforgettable flow, Rouge delivers like no other. Her featured artists, like French rapping Youssoupha, gives fans something different with smooth French lyrics, while Sarkodie closes it off with his measured rhymes and masterful storytelling skills.

W.A.G., featuring Youssoupha and Sarkodie and be reminded of why Rouge remains the reigning Queen of S.A. RAP.

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