It makes sense to buy the car you can afford

It makes sense to buy the car you can afford

You’ve graduated and joined the world of work! The next step to adult independence is to buy your own car. ​ Whether it’s a reliable pre-owned model or brand-new off the showroom floor, you will enjoy a certain sense of achievement. The excitement of owning your own set of wheels, however, comes with financial responsibilities and shouldn’t cloud your judgment in terms of purchasing a car you can afford.

The WesBank online affordability tool gives you a realistic range of finance options for the car you have in mind, based​ on your financial profile. While the lack of a credit history for many young professionals can be a stumbling block on the path to vehicle finance approval, WesBank has put a special vehicle finance deal in place where a credit history is not essential for graduates.​ The application process to check affordability and get approval for a vehicle finance deal can all be done quickly and seamlessly online.

Being financially responsible means opting for a more affordable car. That needn’t stop you from thinking about your dream car, but it is unwise to put yourself under unnecessary financial strain as you start out in the workplace.

“The priority for young graduates when purchasing a car should be that they are able to realistically afford it. It is important that the addition of this asset to their lives should not compromise them financially.

Instead, it should contribute positively to their new work lifestyle and sense of independence,” says Kutlwano Mogatusi, WesBank Motor’s Communication Specialist.

“Whether you are considering a new car or a pre-owned vehicle in good condition, the selection of makes and models on offer in the market can be overwhelming. In this situation, it could be useful to check out the finalists in the various categories of the annual Consumer Awards, powered by WesBank.”

The cars that make it through to the finals have been tried and tested, and put through their paces, by a panel of knowledgeable ‘petrolheads’ and car owners who rate the vehicles through an intense judging process. This results in honest, trusted and reliable information to consumers. The entry level and budget car categories are two of the 13 categories that could be particularly useful when making that all-important affordable car purchasing decision.

When making the car-buying decision, it is also important to list and ask all the pertinent questions to ensure you understand all the costs involved in acquiring your new set of wheels. As a graduate, remember that it’s more important to purchase something reliable and suitable for your current uses and well within your financial means, than initially targeting your dream car.

“Choosing the car, you can afford – and not necessarily the one you really want – is an indication of exercising financial discipline and independence that can only benefit you in the long run. The greatest expense of owning a car includes petrol, maintenance and services, insurance premiums and the monthly instalment payments. Managing these expenses should never get to a point where you feel as though you have bitten off more than you can chew,” concludes Mogatusi.