Rihlampfu adds a little twist to democracy with his art show

Rihlampfu adds a little twist to democracy with his art show

Artist, Nkhensani Rihlampfu, recently exhibited his thought provoking artwork which looks at the frustrations South Africans have been facing after 20 years of Democracy. The chilling exhibition was held at Kitchen Viebes at Wedge Shopping Centre, in Rivonia Morningside. The art work dubbed, The Remains of Democracy is a series of entwined calico rope sculptures which explore the way in which people have been living since post 1994 democratic elections.

The sculptures are of two faceless individuals who are carrying, pulling, pushing or in some way attempting to manage an invisible heavy load. Rihlampfu, says that with the work, he wanted to bring the burdens that we face as a country. He says that he used ropes on the sculpture because at some point we are all bound or roped to our problems. The sculture is about two individuals, a young man and old man who are both working. The older man has more knowledge and history with work while the young man wants the land and is not necessary concern about the history or the struggle of the older generation.
“It was an exchange of ideas, intended to create a dialogue within our society.

I wanted something that represents South Africa and Africa at large. With my artwork, I regard it as a gift which works towards making people feel good or self-introspect. I focused more on futuristic Africa, I envisioned a wealthy Africa, a continent full of potential, but currently I feel like there are people taking advantage of Africa.

South African’s we are a frustrated country by many things,” he said. He says that Black artists are about portraying the struggle while White artists have the ability to explore and venture into looking at other issues. He adds that Black artists still have to get over the racial subject, as the focus on Black excellence and Black people progress.

Rihlampfu although still believes that through his art, which is done in homemade ropes, will get the nation to come together and talk about their problems. This rare first of its kind artwork will compete with bronze and silver artwork which most artist still prefer using. Rihlampfu, also mentioned that he will be running a solo artwork in mid-March 2019, whereby he will stretch his creatives using strings and leaders plus he explore more of the futuristic Africa.