South Western Township produces yet another promising young male artist, somewhat is rather unalike with this one albeit. We gathered at The World of Yamaha Theatre in Sandton surrounded by state of the art musical equipment, motorbikes and gear. Owen Kay is launching his first album titled “Milestone” wholly dedicated to his late mother whom according to his sister Ofentse Komane was very close with Owen – “He was very close to our mother, they were born in the same month and shared the same star sign, Capricorn” said Ofentse who is the last born from Owen’s family.


“The album took a year to put together” says Owen, he describes his music as sentimental, conscious, and heartfelt. “I sing about things that I go through” he says. As I watched Owen perform, I catch an Eminem vibe in his rap and mention to my colleague this guy actually sounds like Eminem, he enhances “he’s shy too”. Was I right or was I right, guy confirms my assumption and tells me he draws a lot of inspiration from Eminem, locally from the likes of Pro-Kid & Pro-Verb, it seems like our guy likes Pro’s.


Sing Project Records is the company behind the production of the album “Milestone”, owned by a young lady by the name of Eden Michelle who is also a singer-songwriter and is featured by Owen on the title song Milestone. Owen and Eden both attended Aurum International College and were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Eden is currently running a Sing | Inspire| Nurture | Grow campaign #SingProject aimed at developing up and coming artists all over S.A especially from under-privileged backgrounds which Owen expresses kudos for as it reaches out to schools preaching the gospel of music.


During his performance, Vroom-Vroom-Vroooohhmmm…the audience is captivated by a Scully Scooters Big Boy bike joining him on stage, it’s a surprise gift from Sing Project organized by his manager Christine Poulos who extended acknowledgements to Scully Scooters for giving them an incredible price – more than 50% discount and to some of the amazing people who contributed towards this special gift – Lizz Vox, Michael Barker, Jack Limberis, Lee Moerman, Michael Watts, Anita Giovannoni and Sing Project who covered the balance. Other sponsors include Yamaha, Wine Dynamics, Melt Chocolates at Nicolway (you need to try their chocolate shots), Floyd’s Barber Shop, Just You Modeling Agency for the amazing dancers, Music Connection, Nature’s Choice (Michelle and Enrico) and MTN.


Owen’s outfit was sponsored by Quicksilver/DC clothing store in Sandton including his Jeans, T-shirt, shoes and cap. Owen paired his DC shoes and cap with a T-shirt branded BROOKLYN, the paradox here is revealed after a chat with Owens dad, Mr Hendrick Komane a former guitarist who played along the likes of Alex Brass Band – Mr Komane articulates his Brooklyn excursion which emerged back in 1999 where as he was selling art-craft and speaks fondly of his son, the dad is hilarious I tell you!


Owen started rapping at a tender age of 15, he’s now 20 years of age and single, ladies – ding dingingJ His family filled the front row seats to show support for Mama’s boy, OwBoi…they were the number one fans! “I bought him his first mic” says the elder sister Tshego Komane who constructively criticized her brother saying “his music has grown and has come a long way”.  She added that Owen is hard working also passionate about music, down to earth and reserved.

Owen has plans of travelling the world and performing on international stages. Star-studded Online wishes you all the best of luck with your album and future endeavours. You can place your order onWWW.SINGPROJECT.COM also the album will be on iTunes shortly.



Follow Owen on:

Twitter: @IamOwenKay

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IamOwenKay


By: Portia Mbele


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