Nadia Nakai is a South African female rapper based in Johannesburg, she is the winner of ShizNiz Mixtape 101 competition also featured on the latest remix hit of Ricky Rick called  Amantombazane.She’s signed by Psyfo’s recording label Sid Records and started rapping at a tender age of 17. Having fun and laughing is what she enjoys the most and doesn’t like drama at all, she says! She is the hottest emcee this year and has music and entertainment followers speaking in riddles.


Siya: When did you start taking hip-hop music as a career?


Nadia: As a career, I started only this year, now music and entertainment is my full time job.


Siya: What has been your major influence, also what brings out the best in your music and craft?


Nadia: The people I work with inspire me – My team, from producers to my dancers, they all inspire me every day.


Siya: If I’m not mistaken you are working on your upcoming mixtape, do you feel like the timing is right for you to present your work right now?


Nadia: I’m actually working on my album, I haven’t decided when I will drop it as yet, however now is not the right time forme as I’m still building myself,but soon.




Siya: Some people refer to you as SA version of Nicki Minaj, how do you respond to that?


Nadia: I really don’t mind being compared to a very dope International rapper.  They obviously feel that I’m on the same level of greatness!


Siya: What can we expect from the album?


Nadia: Lol – you need to buy the album for that! Nevertheless expect collabs from all around Africa.


Siya: You just got featured on Ricky Rick Amantombazane remix, how has been the response since the song came out?


Nadia: It’s been overwhelming – I love the support and excitement I have been receiving, I really enjoyed working with Ricky and all the artists on the track.


Siya: Your latest single Whatever, who did you work with on this songand what triggered the song?


Nadia: I worked withPsyfo and Dotcom. What triggered the track was when I did theAmantombazaneremix, alot of people were like “wow that’s a very boldstatement!” and I was just like whatever – lol!


Siya: What’s been your biggest challenge so far in your music career?


Nadia: People tryna break me down. Like…do you and let me DO me. If you don’t like it please F*** off.




Siya: You are co-hosting Daily Planet @PlanetRadioTVtell us a lil more about the show.


Nadia: It’s an entertainment show I host with ex big brother contestants Kweku from Ghana. It’s a Pan African Television station that airs on NigeriasGOtv, channel 73 and DStv, channel 335 (excl southern Africa)


Siya: What would you say is your main goal at the moment and beyond this year?


Nadia: To represent females in a very male dominated industry. We are so needed inthis industry!  I want to inspire more female rappers to work their asses off and dominate the industry, it is women’s month after all!


Siya:  What are your words of encouragement to our readers and your followers?


Nadia: Always stay true to yourself. Never compromise your values for the hype!Work hard and you will get there naturally.


Get in touch with Nadia


Twitter nadia_nakai

Instagram nadianakai



Pictures by: Nadia