AyandaMVP: Always have a plan B or many options Molifeng.

AyandaMVP: Always have a plan B or many options Molifeng.

AyandaMVP is one entertainment personality that is a force to be reckoned with. Born in KwaZulu Natal and bred in the City of Gold, Ayanda blasted into the entertainment industry at the age of 15 as a TV presenter. Check out our chat Hope you enjoy it:

SS: What has been your biggest influence or what brings out the inspiration in your career?
MVP: THE MUSIC!!!! It is forever growing and always there. In most situations, a song can take
your mind/ thought/mood from 0-100 whether it’s good or bad. I always look to music because it
is the one source of enjoyment that is always there for me.

SS: What motivates you in life?

MVP: My family. There are so many moments I have seen both my parents work hard to give my
siblings and I the most they could and because I am not married and don’t have my own children
to motivate me, I look to my support system and number one fans- My immediate Family “ The
MDLULI Crew” Ubaba (Mr DE Mdluli), umama (Mrs SE Mdluli), uSisi omdala ( Simphiwe Mdluli),
Ubhuti omncane (Sandile Mdluli) nomshana (Lungelo Xulu)

SS: Hosting 10am to 12pm “Bona Fide” show in one of the hottest stations in the country, what
does that mean to you?

MVP: Evereeethaaaang!! I mean being on YFM period has been a blessing. Coming from campus
radio (TuksFM) and then landing my first show on Y which was 12-3pm on weekends, I never
thought Bona Fide would happen so soon because I am still studying my Psychology and
Criminology degree at Tuks. But, the man upstairs had different plans and much more work for
me in 2015. I accepted the challenge with open arms because I hate not being busy Molifeng.

SS: What would you say keep you going in order to achieve your goals?

MVP: Knowing that it is attainable after having been given a taste of it (eg: being mentored by
radio greats of our country and attending events where you too are now the invited guest!) Makes
you want to work harder to maintain and even grow with such net working opportunities.


SS: You are also a club dj; tell us about your love for the music, how did it come about?

MVP: Weeelllll I learned how to play or mix while at TuksFM and started playing in clubs in
Pretoria like BlueRoom Hatfield, Europa, Mushroom lounge. I took a break after getting the
weekend slot on YFM since it was my break into commercial radio and I wanted to focus on
getting my on air presence felt more than anything. I believe in polishing one craft to the T before
being a liker of things and venturing half done in other ventures. Now that the proof is in the
pudding and I have moved to weekday, my weekends are about playing and growing my craft as a
hip hop dj in as many gigs as possible to get a feel of different areas and their love for a different

SS: What has been your major influence, also what brings out the best in your music and craft?

MVP: The ARTS! I am a big lover of theater productions, musicals and drama. I studied drama at
The National School Of The Arts and it manifested into my personal as a person Molifeng, how I
speak with character to yires on air and how I have become such a people’s person in a group.
The aim by the way, is not to stand out but to be appreciated for who you are as a person.

SS: What is the most important lesson that life has taught you?

MVP: Always have a plan B!!! If you are always stuck on getting something out of one place, it
could disappoint more than it does come through for you. (eg: finding a way to be active on social
media can’t just be through twitter, not everyone is on that platform. Or availing yourself for only
one gig per weekend, you’re exclusive on who’s account?) Always have a plan B or many options

SS: How can people get in touch?

MVP: Twitter: @AyandaMVP
FaceBook: Ayanda Phindi Mdluli
Instagram: AyandaMVP
Emails- Yfm related: ayandamvp@yfm.co.za
-Gig related: ayandamvp@gmail.com MC, DJ or just come for your paraaaay

By: Siya nyiba
Twitter: @StarStuddedmag
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